Ways to delay needing a total hip or knee replacement

Ways to delay total joint replacement surgery in BirminghamIf you suspect that you are going to need a total hip or knee replacement, then it is sensible to start researching surgical options sooner rather than later. However, while you are doing that, there are some simple steps you can take that might delay the process and buy you a little more time.

Take up a gentle exercise routine

If you are suffering from a minor to middling form of osteoarthritis, and this is what is causing your joints to seize up, then doing some gentle exercises can help. As well as making you feel healthier overall, this can really help your joints by keeping them regularly active.

Experts recommend that one hour of low impact exercise at least two times per week for around three months can have a positive effect on how your body reacts to osteoarthritis. Gentle, regular exercise can help keep the joints supple and increase blood flow.

The best time to begin a regime such as this is before you are actually showing any symptoms of osteoarthritis, however, if you are getting the early twinges of joint pain then it is never too late to start.

Watch those calories

Increasing the amount of exercise you are doing can also have the dual benefit that it can help you lose excess weight. If you are carrying more weight that you should be then this will be putting more stress on your hip and knee joints.

Watching calorie intake and increasing the amount of exercise you do is a great way to ensure that you’re not putting more pressure on your joints than you really need to.

Supplement your diet with key vitamins and minerals

There are certain vitamins and minerals that are proven to have a positive impact on joint health, so weaving these into your diet is also a sensible step to take.

A daily intake of tablets such as chondroitin or glucosamine sulphate (both of which can be bought online or in some high street pharmacies) can help alleviate joint pain and can also slow the progress of osteoarthritis.