Knee replacement surgery – reassuringly well practised

stretchingIf you require knee surgery, then it is reassuring to know that you are not alone. Many people undergo this type of operation every year in the UK, and it is one of the most long standing joint replacement treatments available.

Before knee replacement surgery was invented, the solution for people suffering debilitating knee conditions was purely to take a form of pain relief. For anyone who has experienced serious knee ailments, they will recognise that this was never going to be a permanent fix that will restore former quality of life.

Scientists endeavoured to create an artificial replacement joint, one that was able to replicate the natural movements of a non-diseased knee joint and one that was made of such materials that it was both durable and able to coexist suitably inside the body.

A short history of knee replacement

The first recorded knee replacement surgery was undertaken back in the late 1960s. This operation was a success, but since then the tools, techniques and procedures have become more refined, sophisticated and developed, meaning that knee replacement surgery has an excellent track record of effectiveness.

It is now regarded to be one of the most successful surgical procedures that patients can benefit from.

As with any operation of this nature, choosing to undergo knee replacement surgery is a big step and a major operation. If you have been suffering with knee conditions for a long time, your medical team will wish to try all other means of fixing the problem first, before resorting to surgery.

First line options

Typically you will be expected to try different types of pain relief, physiotherapy and initiatives such as steroid injections before you will be considered as a suitable contender for surgery. If these have been tried, tested and you are still experiencing significant discomfort and mobility issues, then surgery will be discussed.

Nowadays, this type of operation is commonplace. According to NHS statistics, over 70,000 knee replacements are carried out every year in England and Wales, and this number continues to rise each year.

The good news is that the life expectancy of the new joint is extensive too – 20 years is the expected life of a replacement joint, so it should last you well.