Hip replacement FAQs

Here’s some of the frequently asked questions from patients attending Mr Manoj Sikand’s orthopaedic clinic considering a hip replacement procedure.

Am I a suitable candidate for a hip replacement operation?

Typically, patients suffer from increasing discomfort and a limit on their mobility as a result of problems relating to either one or both of their hips. This is usually the result of osteoarthritis where the cartilage present in the hip joins has worn away as a result of wear or tear. Rheumatoid arthritis causes the immune system to attack the lining of the joints. If you have suffered a bad fall then you may need a new hip as a result.

Initially, they seek advice from their GP who will then usually refer them to an orthopaedic surgeon. Patients referred to Mr Manoj Sikand at his private practice at the BMI The Edgbaston Hospital or NHS practice at Sandwell and West Birmingham Teaching Hospitals, are then examined and assessed to ensure that a hip replacement procedure is the best option for them at this time.

How long does it take to recover from a hip replacement?

The recovery process is very individual, depending on the patient’s health and fitness levels prior to undergoing surgery. Generally, you will stay in hospital after a hip replacement for at least a few nights after surgery.

What’s the difference between partial and total hip replacement?

Partial hip replacement involves replacing half of the hip joint – typically the ball of femur becomes worn down from arthritis. In a total hip replacement, the top part of the thigh bone is totally removed. The ball that fits in the pelvic socket is replaced with an artificial ball.

How long will my new hip last?

Again this is not something that is possible to predict with complete certainty as it can depend on your activity levels and age at the time of surgery. Typically, hips can last for twenty years.

For more information on your options relating to hip replacement surgery, get in touch to book a consultation with orthopaedic surgeon Mr Manoj Sikand.

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